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New fabric

I am testing out a new fabric supplier, and these came in the mail today.


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Wordless Wednesday


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Jam Jar Storage

20120908-074046.jpg My 6yo loves PB&J sandwiches, and awhile back I tried to expand his tastes from just grape jelly. It didn’t work, but I got some cute jars out of the experiment!

I wasn’t sure what to do with them, until I needed storage for the little branding tags I make for my products. Each of them need to be heat set before use, but you can’t tell the difference between freshly stamped tags and heat set ones. These two jars are perfect for this use.

I might someday mod podge the tops, but the fact that the one already has a blue gingham, the fabric I would mod podge with, I might just leave them. I love that it already matches my branding. And that is the one I use for the tags that are heat set and ready to go.


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What are you working on?

Purple, blue and green frog fabric

Fabric for my niece’s purse. She is bananas about frogs.

The weekend is almost here, and for me, it started today. But it is only a break from my day job. There is plenty to do for the store.

I have so many projects going on, that my head is spinning a little. This morning I have 4 lunch storage pieces to finish, before they and another order are shipped off. I need to head to the fabric store for more material for a commissioned project, then back home to work on felt story boards pieces, another lunch set, and a purse for one of my nieces.

Teal and orange fabric

Perry the Platypus x2, in the works.

Then there are the nativity sets for my sisters and cousins, and Perry the Platypus pillow pets for my boys, but these will have to wait  for a while.

So what are you working on this weekend? What do you have planned for fall crafting?


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So this happened…

Page 25 of Storage Fall/Winter 2012, a Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication.

How awesome is this?? My designs are in a national magazine!!

Earlier this last spring, I was asked by an editor of Storage magazine to design and sew some lunch storage pieces. I have been making various homemade items for friends for years, but never “took it public.” I didn’t have an Etsy store. I didn’t have a website. I had a Facebook page where I posted my creations for my friends to see, but that was it. That has now changed.

My Etsy store is now up and getting a fair amount of traffic. It currently contains the sandwich wraps and snack bags that you will see in this issue of Storage (Fall/Winter 2012, Meredith Publishing), as well as an insulated lunch bag to carry everything in.

Cover of Storage Fall/Winter 2012

Cover of Storage Fall/Winter, a Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication

But I won’t be stopping there. I also make felt story boards, purses and totes and costumes. I hope over time I will be able to offer all these things on my store, If you don’t see a pattern that you like, drop me a line. I take custom orders and we can find the perfect fabric for you.

If you are crafty yourself and would like to make your own wraps and bags, check out the instructions for my designs. I have since made some alterations, like adding more Velcro strips on the wraps, and dropping the Velcro down a bit in the bags. This link includes patterns if you are using Fabric Quarters.

And make sure you check out the entire Storage issue. There are several other amazing lunch storage items in the same story my pieces are in. And the entire issue is chock full of great ideas for storage and organization.


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Line drying

My lamp is pulling double duty, and acting as a drying rack.


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Technical Issues

Bear with me as I work on linking up all my social media. I promise some eye candy posts later. And by eye candy I mean the yummy cupcake fabric I picked up yesterday.

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