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Better than straight pins

Binding a quilt, or in this case, place mats, using straight pins can be awkward. Instead, I like to use bobby pins. They are easy to slide on and off, but still hold firm enough until you can sew the seam down.

You can buy special binding clips, but they can be expensive compared with the price of a card of bobby pins. These “blonde” pins work great, as they are easy to see on both light and dark fabrics.

I also use bobby pins to hold PLU and other fabrics that are either slippery or too delicate for straight pins.


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Happy Birthday Elias Howe

When I think of sewing machines, I think of Singer. Sure, Bernina, Brother, and even Husqvarna are just as well known, but I am old school and grew up using a Singer. I even covet my mom’s Singer treadle sewing machine.

But today I learned that Isaac Singer did not invent the first sewing machine, as I had always assumed. While his improvements made them easier to use, it was actually Elias Howe who held the first US  patent for a lockstitch design. However, Mr. Howe also was not the first inventor. It is generally accepted that Thomas Saint is the father of the sewing machine.

Read more in this article from the International Sewing Machine Collector’s  Society.

But today, July 9th, is the 193rd birthday of Elias Howe. So Happy Birthday and a big thanks to Mr. Howe, and those who have come before and after him.



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