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Jam Jar Storage

20120908-074046.jpg┬áMy 6yo loves PB&J sandwiches, and awhile back I tried to expand his tastes from just grape jelly. It didn’t work, but I got some cute jars out of the experiment!

I wasn’t sure what to do with them, until I needed storage for the little branding tags I make for my products. Each of them need to be heat set before use, but you can’t tell the difference between freshly stamped tags and heat set ones. These two jars are perfect for this use.

I might someday mod podge the tops, but the fact that the one already has a blue gingham, the fabric I would mod podge with, I might just leave them. I love that it already matches my branding. And that is the one I use for the tags that are heat set and ready to go.


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