School Time!

Fabric for my kids' lunch bags

My 8yo loves these characters.

Two of my three kids go to a year round school, which means their summer break ends today. Don’t feel sad for them though. They get three weeks off in the fall and another three in the spring. It is much nicer to spend your day playing outside when there is not a 112 heat index.

But this shortened schedule means that I have less than 24 hours to finish their lunch bags, sandwich wraps and snack bags. EEK! The little one also wants a bow tie to wear to open house tonight. No pressure.

Fabric for my kids' lunch bags

My 6yo love penguins.

The boys originally wanted store bought lunch boxes, but I just couldn’t stomach dropping more money on things that would be gross in 6 months. Yes, you can wipe them down, but you can’t get a really good clean when there is peanut butter crust after being forgotten over the weekend.

I will post the finished pieces once they are done and I will be using the extra fabric for things to sell in the store. If you have a fondness for any of the fabrics pictured here, let me know and I will try to get more. Below are other fabrics I have available, and can still be worked into any sizes you want. Let me know if you want something custom made.

– MA

Other fabrics I have available

Other fabrics I have available.
Other fabrics I have available.


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